TermitesWhat is a termite?

A termite is a small, soft-bodied insect that eat wood, soil, dead leaves and sometimes paper. There are several different types of termites.





  1. Subterranean Termites*Only termites in East Tennessee*-these are the most common in East Tennessee termites. They live in colonies, usually within a mound of dirt They enter through wood that touches the ground by building mud tubes from the ground to the wood. Concrete walls and foundations that have hollow blocks are another way termites can enter a home.
  2. Dry wood termites, these termites devour wood and looks smooth versus the holes the subterranean termites can leave. They are usually found on support beams in your home and furniture.
  3. Damp wood Termites, live in very moist wood and do not need mud and soil to survive. These termites are usually on decaying wood
  4. Formosan Termites-these termites are invasive and are the worst type of termites. They are likely imported from China or Japan. They are bigger than the average termites and destroy wood much faster

Termites never sleep so they are working diligently on causing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. Another concern is that termites can feed and damage the inside of exposed wood while leaving no evidence of damage of the outside surface.


Termites can be seen swarming areas of your home but most of the time, it is only the damage that is seen.

  1. Finger presses through a door jam or window sill-most people notice this first. The termites have eaten through the wood in places such as window sills, door jams or skirting board.
  2. Paper or hollow sound timber-termites eat the timber from the inside out; therefore, when you knock on that area, it sounds like paper
  3. Termite mud-subterranean termites build mud tubes to travel
  4. Hard to open windows-subterranean termites leave behind “mud” that causes timbers to swell and will make it difficult to open a window

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